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bushit talks1 by pseudo-manitou bushit talks1 by pseudo-manitou
Quote by Carolyn Wells.
Sorry Bush - it's not what you pull out of your ass that defines reality.
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Master-of-the-Boot Feb 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Somebody give Adolf Hitler the Nobel Peace prize, and Pol Pot too
we're doing goodification :D
psychogizmo Feb 24, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer could he even say that...that's disgusting.
He said that? Jebus Christ.
this is great

i love the paper doll sort of feel to it! ^__^
:jawdrop: oh my God!

Did he actually say that?
In his imagination maybe, not reality! Man, that dumb stupid moronic idiotic non-sense ass liar dick f*cking bastard thinks the situation in Iraq will be just fine if gay marriages continue prohibited! That man hasn't got a clue to how a pencil sharpener sharpens pencils, how much can great things for human rights can he actually do?

He just isn't normal. :no:
Illiterate-Cell Dec 16, 2006  Student General Artist
holy shit...... if he mines by fucking with human rights, then yes
... almost one more year i think... :(

nicely done
Oh dear god .. He is so full of himself .. nice work
He's such an asshole.
sorry couldnt help it.......

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