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September 6, 2004
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SympathyForTheBush by pseudo-manitou SympathyForTheBush by pseudo-manitou
If we elect a fool to lead us, what does that make us? I believe it makes us something worse then fools...
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scythekitten Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2004   Writer
Never thought of it that way.
Draith Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2004
I recall a line from Star Wars... "Who is the more foolish.. the fool? or the fool who follows him?" (Not making a politcal statement, as I hate politics with more passion than I actually have, but this made me think of that quote)
poppablaze Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2004
im not even going to bother reading all of the comments on this...but its awesome...i love this soooo much..i am just going to fav your whole gallery i totally watching you, you rock my world...heh..jaime
deadsumo Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2004  Professional Photographer
apathy = tragedy :(
pazzesco Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2004
if Bush is a terrible leader, what will Kerry be?
..and of course you realize, if the election were held today or any time in the past couple weeks, Bush would win. He has the highest electoral percentage and voter support.
Republicans don't just waltz around saying "Kerry Sucks!!" like you do about Bush, so people think Kerry's gonna win.
it'll be close, tho.
pseudo-manitou Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2004  Professional General Artist
Bush is an untreated alcoholic. He may have put down the bottle (debatable), but the psychological effects of decades of drinking have left him developmentally stunted to the point that he can never admit fault, accept other opinions, visualize long term consequences, and as a result - is more then a terrible leader; he is not a leader at all. Kerry does not suffer these problems. Though you seem to think he makes for a poor leader?

I'm sorry if 20 years of complex decision making in a changing environment looks more like flip-flopping - it's not Kerry's fault that politics are too complex for some to follow. If you have any questions about his record though, I'll be glad to answer them.
As for Bush:

Now... I do more then go around saying "Bush Sucks", understand? I've got four years of collected news links tying Bush to some of the worst legislation and decision making this nation has ever seen in its entire 220+ year history. Usually updated each weekday. You are welcome to join in if you think my artistic efforts here don't go far enough: [link]

As for everyone's beloved poll results, half of them show Bush ahead, half of them show Kerry ahead, none of them show any evidence that Bush had a bounce after his convention, and I'm not some child who watches the polls intent on only voting for who certain media outlets say is going to win anyway. (Each media giant is in the middle of their own fight to control the candidacy and the FCC as a result, so I would look toward news sources outside the US if I were you).

I believe Kerry is going to win simply because I have faith that Americans are not as gullible as Bush needs them to be.

But no matter. Even if Bush wins, and neo-cons get every political request answered - they will lose. Republicans have had the helm of this nation unopposed for four years, and the statistics as a result are pretty pathetic across the board. If this is the best they can do - another four years of this type of pandering to every hostile and greedy desire will destroy this nation. We will all lose.

God, I am so tired of simple minds.
pazzesco Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2004
God, I am so tired of people who need paragraphs and links to back up their own beliefs.

I am willing to admit Bush has made several mistakes, but he hasn't been as bad as Clinton, you realize.
All you've done here is bash Bush, but now I want you to try and come up with that much information on why to vote for Kerry.
Kerry has shown no stances, no positive beliefs, he's only taken advantages of the votes that want Bush out and whoever the hell there else is, in.

That's what sucks about Democracy, it's either one guy, the other guy, or the man who's just hogging up .003% of the vote. *coughNADERcough*
GreenofDoom Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2004
Whoa now. Clinton was the ONLY president to make the budgets of the country balance out. You must give him credit for that!!!!

"John Kerry... Bringing complete sentences back to the white house."
pseudo-manitou Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2004  Professional General Artist
I understand it's easier to have your opinions handed, then to read up everything out there and then make calculated decisions.

Reasons for voting Kerry:
1. Nothing in Kerry's public life suggests that he would behave like a Republican, not even the money he has.
2. Kerry walks and talks like a free-trade Democrat with a commitment to racial and sexual equality. He has a record of that.
3. Don't count on Kerry to abrogate NAFTA or the WTO, but he will act to ease its traumatic impact on American workers. He has a record of that, too.
3. He won't soak the rich, but he will pursue tax policies that strengthen the real backbone of our economy: people of modest means. He has a record of that also.
4. He'll pursue a foreign policy based on security rather than profiteering or paranoia. (Much less expensive then Bush's policy I'm sure you'll find)
5. He'll end the politics of coded racism and overt homophobia. (see number 2)
6. He'll preserve reproductive rights (you like sex, right?)
7. He will stop schemes to despoil the environment. (his voting record over the entire 20 years is VERY much for 'not-poisoning-ourselves')
8. He will restore many democratic policies and American rights, turning this country away from the current path of a theocratic, authoritarian society.
9. He can work with Republicans to offer compromises in policy that work for both parties - he has done so for many years. (His relationship to McCain speaks volumes)
10. Members of the entire world support Kerry because they are tired of broken promises and threats from Bush, and are desperate to work with someone who will engage in dialogue instead of rhetoric. (and we should be desperate to avoid those incoming trade sanctions)
11. His medical care package will ensure more Americans at an expense that is high, but coverable when those tax loop-holes get squashed.
12. God only knows what anyone can do about Iraq, what with the shape Bush has left it in, but he will try to involve the UN as Bush's father did in the past Gulf war (check how well that went, and how much less expensive it was).
13. He actually talks to the American people, engaging in open questions and revealing dialogue instead of rehearsed media events. (imagine that: being happy about going back to 'politics as usual')
14. He is actually disgusted with the high state or partisan politics, and will work to move the contrary more toward center - so as to not divide our nation along ideology.
15. He volunteers to do things for the benefit of doing something right (IE - Vietnam, federal prosecutor, Senate hearings, etc., etc.)
16. He can stand up for himself.

I could go on...
Hell, I've even found some made for the cynic in all of us: [link]
pazzesco Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2004
whatever man, i could name twice as many reasons for voting for Bush, and about 5 of ur answers didn't even realate to Kerry, just opinions on the Democratic party.
It's nearly inpossible to get someone to change vote just by an argument, hell, it just leads to people getting pissed off.
You vote for Kerry, I'm goin' for Bush- I don't care to get a guy who likes taxes and wants to take soldiers out of Iraq in office, but you do whatever.
I feel like acting like an adult an stopping an argument, feel welcome to continue ranting, but I'm through talking here.
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