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December 7, 2003
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Pseudo Manitou Q.jpg by pseudo-manitou Pseudo Manitou Q.jpg by pseudo-manitou
Win or lose, fighting change to the bitter death gets you no-where. Why do conservatives even exist?
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EIGHTtrain Dec 11, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Because everyone must believe in something. Whether right or wrong to someone else, it's their right. Conflicting views are better ignored, when they're not, tempers flare, egos take over, and everyone is against everyone else.

Personally, I'd rather go on my own way. I'll do what it takes to be able to do that.
The status quo?? Remember, Ted K. , Fienstien, Boxer, all said if you ban guns in DC it would become a paradise, BUT since then, past 15 years. DC has the HIGHEST MURDER rate of the US .. for 14 out of 15, yet they STILL want to keep the "status quo" about gun bans, and this is very intersting to note....

Diane Fienstien, when mayor of San Fran, was the ONLY person to be able to carry CCW!!! That is to carry a concealed weapon.. do you not think that is being a , well, you know the word..
Oh, and also,

Being the great supporter of gun control group, Barbra Boxer was charged with having a concealed weapon, a HANDGUN, on capitol hill, which is illegal, BUT she got off with a slap on the wrist, could you or I have the very same thing happen? Not at all...
Status quo, is never a growing time...
pseudo-manitou Jan 30, 2006  Professional General Artist
You REALLY need to understand this: just because you constantly have gun control on your mind - doesn't mean I do.

Read my description again: I am against those who fight the change of our culture at the cost of our culture, and the self destructive image of a gun that only shoots itself is how I choose to show that.
No words... you are simple but your artwork is perfect, if i was you i will try to make publicity, you are the best!! ooo..... u.u
whoa...that really makes me think. odd. you have a point about how fighting change gets you no where. society is ever evolving and no one can stop it (unless they, oh say, destory said society, but thats just not very nice). only fools clinging to old beliefs and meaningless traditions fight the future.
oh gee, look at this. im getting all deep and junk...i better stop.
Awesome picture.
I donít think refusal to except any given change isnít always bad only refusal to examine the posibility of change.
Wish this were on posters.
As others have said, out of fear. They have defined the world... or at least, their ideal world on their terms and want everyone else to conform to that, and then, according to them, all will be safe and sound with the bad elements kept out.

Change can be good or bad as well... but if nothing ever changed... what would be the point? The world would be quite boring.
In my opinion, it's more of an emotional and irrational attachment.
If people think that a mythified old time was better, they'll cling to whatever can remind this old time. Even if it's just an illusion. For many of them, it's also probably a deep fear of the unknown, especially in our times where things change extremely fast. I'm pretty sure that many of the people who vote for conservative candidates do it because they feel safer about someone telling them about things they know.

This picture sounds to me like the perfect illustration for that good old " balance in terror", back in the cold war times. :)

~El Juju
hey pseudo!

awesome work my friend...
but you knew that already ;)

oh god i'm such a dithering fan-child.
enn Dec 7, 2003   Photographer
I agree. Fighting any change that doesn't involve the stripping of rights of people who don't share their views. Rush Limbaugh, George W...

I'm not fond of conservatives. Great work, as usual.
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