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September 14, 2003
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PMJihad.jpg by pseudo-manitou PMJihad.jpg by pseudo-manitou
What is a religious war?
Simple - it's a violent fight to the death over who has the best imaginary friend. If you just allow it to remain in that context, then you can see how pointless it is - how regrettable that others get caught in between - and how dangerous something as seemingly promising as organized religion can be.
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Makola94 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2008
i'm laughing out really loud at this.. but dude, religion aint the root of all evil... i agree about the friend part.. but imaginary??? think again.
pseudo-manitou Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008  Professional General Artist
If laughter is your only defense to my topic, then have at it. But you honestly might want to approach this topic with more respect if you want any of us to take you seriously.

For the record, I'm not an atheist. Still -- I find the aspect of a God that demands war to be imaginary; the product of selfish delusions. You think God demands that you kill? Then I think you are a fool who imagines to serve type of God that suits your desires -- simple as that.

And no, I don't think religion is the root of all evil. If you read on, you'll find far more exploration of this topic.

I believe that religion is a power that people twist for their own gain -- and I offer your mocking tone as proof.
Makola94 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008
my 'mocking tone' is something which i tried to tone down.. anyway, i like what you said regarding God demanding you to kill... that's true too.. oh well, i'm sorry if i said something rude... it's just that this topic really cant be discussed this way... and yes, i do respect your ideas. in fact, i think some of them might (i said might!) click to mine :)
pseudo-manitou Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008  Professional General Artist
I see. I find nothing wrong with some questioning the beliefs of others or my own. Without that constant scrutiny, our ideals will never mature. So if you wish to question the statement or offer your own ideas, I won't see the harm.

But maybe... don't use -any- tone next time. You are right, the internet is a terrible form of communication. Best not to add anything in conversation that could be confused.
dogagas Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2007
nice pic, funny n creative. i dun agree wid you though, God is real. but religous war is stupid, jihad doesnt mean that n islam never taught that. i dun think religion is the root of all evil. Christianity abolished the slave system in Ancient Rome, remeber the Colliseum and the slave gladiators forced to fight to the death, while christianity stopped that. Islam stopped the slave trade in Arabia, freed hundreds of slaves, and stopped the burial of infant girls, they were considered bad luck. all religions have fought for the poor, Islam made a welfare state. Religion isnt bad, people are.
pseudo-manitou Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2007  Professional General Artist
I never said I was an atheist.

You make good points, but you're preaching to the wrong guy. I've made the study of racism and bigotry my hobby - and that includes where religion mixes in. Know what I've found? No long established religion in the history of mankind is at fault for the bloodshed over the centuries. But as religion reaches out to various communities - those communities mutate religion to assimilate some of their own petty traditions of exclusion and hatred. Example: Hindu teaches the most tolerant of religious practices - that 'god is god, truth is truth, men simply call it by different names' -- and yet, Hindu also struggles with the 'caste system'.

My point is that humanity, not religion, is to blame. Any form of god that is friend to one and not the other is an invention -- an imaginary friend.
aliceumbra Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2005
i do not think jihad is about god. if there was no god, people would kill each other for other reasons. don`t try to blame faith or god himself (i don`t care if you are religious). it`s only people`s fault. it`s people, who miss the most important things and claim god told them to kill.
VHunterD Featured By Owner May 11, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
clever way to put it
austinslide Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2004
This is AMAZING. Well done :clap:
entanglement Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004  Professional Artisan Crafter
The media of all types try to worm their messages into our skulls, and the barrier required to withstand it all has made me despair of ever sifting anything worthwhile from it. You manage to cut straight through it all and speak directly to the bit of my brain that actually does the thinking.
I admire your strength, passion and skill.
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