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March 7, 2005
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PM-Soldier by pseudo-manitou PM-Soldier by pseudo-manitou
Let's talk about the real reasons America loves it's troops...

The troops fight a war no wealthy conservative would have been willing to fight themselves. They suck it up so we don't have to increase taxes to pay for the war we started without thinking. They deal with less food whenever Halliburton needs a bargaining tool to stop Pentagon investigations into just where the hell the money is going. They stay longer then promised so no one has to set any actual plans. They work without armor so other corporate friends of Rumsfeld can make the war profitable. They come home in 'transfer tubes' so no American will have to realize that those tubes are just renamed body bags. They lose limbs and are horribly maimed while the media calls them simply 'wounded'. They are fed lies of nobility and democracy then sent to secure the oil and pipelines first for America's economy. They are made to act out Bush torture policy and then left to take the blame when cameras come into play. They are called back into action no matter what the fine print on their contract says so we don't have to send our own kids into the meat-grinder by way of a military draft. They are run ragged and to the breaking point while their families are left behind to fend off scam artists promising life insurance and easy loans. They are victims of unexploded munitions that America didn't, and to this day, still, has no interest in cleaning up and keeping out of the wrong hands. They are the barrier between proper questioning of this whole bloody affair and propaganda mixed with rhetoric. They pretend to eat a fake turkey dinner with the worst president in US history. They face desperate obstacles in Iraq, and later at home when they find medical and social treatment lacking in funds. They are thrown into the ugly realities of war without the proper training and then made into scapegoats as the rest of the nation refuses to realize just what the hell war is and why it should have been avoided.

In short, the soldiers pay for our mistakes in our place - and we love them for it.

So... support them: Go buy your soldiers a yellow ribbon magnet so you won't have to question why they would need other financial support in the first place. Watch a Budweiser commercial to convince yourself that you paid your debt of gratitude to them by enjoying that 30 second clip. Regurgitate the Bush administration's kaleidoscope of changing rational for starting the war to feel like you were fighting with those dying soldiers. Get angry at everyone who questions the bloodshed to fool yourself into believing that you're protecting soldier moral. Take credit for social changes in the MIddle East as if that region had not been under constant change before. Celebrate democracy as the very terrorist groups we were told we had to defeat - take political office in the newly corrupted governments.

Most importantly, convince yourselves that there was no better way - because it would just suck if you were the fool and the soldiers were actually paying your butcher's bill.

Welcome them home - to the world you've created for them.
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rambo4567 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
the hell, i just noticed the square wheels
rambo4567 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010
pfft no liberal would fight either and if we were there to get oil we would have wiped all the oil out already do not say bush is bad obama is taking the credit that our soldiers are pulling out bush did all the work so we could pull out ok and another thing the fake messiah the obammunist is getting more people killed with his gangster tactics seriously he does not use educated tactics
pseudo-manitou Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010  Professional General Artist
Trolls don't use punctuation marks, apparently. Let me know when you have grown enough to have an actual conversation.
rambo4567 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010
lol that's funny i know i don't use punctuation i use a psp to surf the web it is really hard to use punctuations when i can't type ok. my laptop broke.
pseudo-manitou Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010  Professional General Artist
Fine then. Half ass your typing if you like. I think I see your trend...

Here's the deal: you want Bush to get credit for the Iraq war -- he's got it. The lies, the mistakes, the contractor rip-offs, the soldier deaths, the charges of genocide, the inept handling, the illegal use of weapons on civilian populations, the so-called six month invasion plan turning into a seven year boondoggle occupation -- ALL OF THAT -- it's his.

The most inept war ever fought by America, based on lies, draining the US of trillions of taxpayer dollars and the lives of innocent civilians and US soldiers alike -- and it's all his. Congratulations. Your man is guilty of genocide. Throw his ass a party and pat him on the back. You'd set that bar for success that low, and call liberals weak because they'd never fuck up so massively.


The artwork was about demanding better of our leaders -- but you'd kiss their ass for this colossal mess instead. You simply have no idea how pathetic it is that you are so desperate to see a silver lining in a war that never had to happen in the first place.
rambo4567 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
i did not say bush was a great president reagan was the best but obama sickens me.
pseudo-manitou Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Professional General Artist
I can lay the financial collapse, the problems in the Middle East, and the developing mess in South America on Reagan; but you believe the myth of Reagan because he supposedly handled the USSR -- even though they had all but folded a decade before Reagan took office. Whatever. You're probably too young to even realize Bush Sr. ran Reagan's second term since Reagan was mentally deficient with alzheimer's.

You probably don't even realize Obama's anti-nuclear ambition and recent deal with Russia to curb 1/3 nuclear arms is all but EXACTLY the same as Reagan's anti-nuclear ambition and 1980's deal with Russia to curb 1/3 nuclear arms.

I'm so bored arguing with neo-cons who have no perspective or understanding of what it means to be conservative. Obama doesn't sicken you -- it's a handful of pundits who tell you to be sick that sicken you.

If you don't care enough to educate yourself about the whole picture in politics, then you shouldn't waste our time and yours acting like you care. Go find something else to identify with.
rambo4567 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010
Reagan did bring it down, his docters said he did not have alzheimers when he was president , jimmy carter made the s.u. strong and all the problems in South America were caused by themselves and we would not be in this war if Clinton heeded the warnings that there could be an attack on U.S soil so you are blaming problems on Reagan not the stupid leaders that caused them.
pseudo-manitou Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010  Professional General Artist
Wow, really? The same doctors charged with hiding his condition from the American public said he didn't have it? What ever would have made them lie like that -- certainly couldn't be to protect their careers and their collective asses from contempt of Congress.

South American death squads would not have received US training, logistics, and weaponry without Reagan's help. Same goes with Afghanistan war-lords during the Soviet Invasion. Maybe these things would have happened -- but Reagan made them that much worse by getting the US involved. And why? To stop the spread of the USSR? When they were all but defunct and dead ten years ago?

And the Clinton administration did stop the Millennium Bombing plot ([link]), and then proceeded to missile the shit out of targets in Afghanistan. Yes, they missed their target -- but Clinton was doing SOMETHING. When Bush took office -- he ignored the warnings, he brushed off the CIA and FBI requests to upgrade, he even overlooked the damned brief labeled, "BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE IN AMERICA", and let John Ashcroft go on an anti-porn crusade instead.

It's people like you, blinded by moronic ideology, that left us open to attack and worse.
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Octoboy-the-8th Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009
Wow. You really showed how unfair things are. With another simple, strong message-bearing picture. And a very convincing written speech.

I sometimes wonder what would happen if everyone at the bottom of the pyramid, who got things worse, but kept the guys on top up just decided to stop. How could war go on without soldiers to fight it?
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