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November 1, 2004
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PM-DirtyBomb.jpg by pseudo-manitou PM-DirtyBomb.jpg by pseudo-manitou
So, maybe it was 3 tons of explosive, maybe it was 377 tons. Point is, under the Bush administration's micro-management, US forces moved in to secure Iraq's oil fields, and ignored securing the dangerous weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists. Call me crazy - but wasn't keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of terrorists the reason Bush claimed we were invading iraq?

Of all the critics of Bush's war of choice, this event has been the most revealing of why Bush insisted on invading Iraq, and why everything has gone so horribly wrong.

To you Bush supporters who still champion the war effort for all the good it's done - it's high time you realized that Bush never shared your priorities. We live in fear not because of terrorists, but because of the Bush administration's handling of terrorist actions.
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This might be out of line, bud, but I was hoping to get your permissions on using the Bush missile on here for a personal profile picture. I loved this piece and the concept and I totally agree with your artist comments.

Thanks in advance,
pseudo-manitou Oct 26, 2008  Professional General Artist
Feel free to use it.
Thanks for asking.
I dont think they had any weapons of death and distruction, if they did why would we have risked the countless lives that would have been taken by them in a counter attack. I dont know if oil was the main objective, but i sure dont think the weapons were either. We know China has weapon and we dont dare fuck with them cuz they'll blow the crap out of us. So why did we invade, it makes no sense what so ever! Great Job! A very thought pravocking and deep piece and comments.
I fond it not to out of the ordinary, that sheeple, people who let media or ideals get in the way or what other TELL them to think, said the VERY same thing about Gulf War, but then again what did US do then?? The secure the wells, and restored the power back to the people who owned them ............ you notice the liberal media NEVER said anything about that again, but it comes back.......... How many times do sheeple use the very same thinking process for EVERY situation?? Just a thought, you have to be free, to think for yourself.... you might like it...

I used think everything I was told in college was truth, till I got in the world and saw, that liberal profs RARELY have it right.. Take for a example Micheal Moore, I used to think he could not tell a lie, till I investigated on my own when BOWLING came out, and found the man lied throught the WHOLE film.... can you say "editing room freedom?"
Anyway, but I like the work that went into this ..
turbinedivinity Mar 4, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Why can't conservatives spell? :D
pseudo-manitou Jan 30, 2006  Professional General Artist
No report I've read says the reconstruction effort has gone well - and that's including federal reports. (Do me a favor and drop the 'liberal media' rhetoric).

Bush has just recently gone back on his promise to rebuild Iraq and cut the funding to the reconstruction after three years of failed efforts, I'm sorry if you don't see this as 'true'.

Frankly, there's a point where you're not actually thinking for yourself, but hunting only for the pieces of information YOU want to find that support YOUR desire to believe only what YOU like to believe.

Thinking for yourself sometimes calls on you to face some harsh realities that you must learn to adjust to. Reality isn't as we would like it to be.
I KNOW people who are IN IRAQ doing what you say is NOT going on..
Building schools, water treatment plants, hospitals, parks, electrical network.....
Seems sad YOU do not hear what is going on, but I am getting it from the people who are DOING this, are you??
turbinedivinity Mar 4, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
I KNOW people who are IN IRAQ as WELL and they are ACTUALLY saying the EXACT OPPOSITE.

Funny how this works, doesn't it? Anecdotes aren't exactly impressing me. We're building schools in the midst of a civil war. It'd be like me changing the door handles on my car after the engine blows up, and saying that the car runs great. :D
Civil war??? There was a war there against the two religious factions since the 50's!!!!
It is just the suni had the power when Saddam was in power, and THEY are the minority..........

As to the people you say say the exact OPPOSITE, are the ones who joined for GI bill... think about it. If you remember OUR military are ALL, every sinlge one, is a volunteer. I know you are making the stuff up as you go. Keep trying. Oh, I also was a history major........
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